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Working with a marketing agency shouldn't be complicated

That’s why we’ve taken our 10 years of hands-on marketing experience to compile three results-driven sales funnels to meet the needs of growing, ambitious brands.

We pride ourselves on results, which is why we offer our exclusive 12 Month Guarantee on the goals we mutually set for your business. 

In other words, we will deliver the results we promise in our proposal within 12 months, or we will work for free until we do.

How a sales funnel works

It’s important to view your marketing in terms of a Sales Funnel for two reasons. 

The first is that we want to take your customers on a journey from discovery, to purchase, to superfan – and having an established sales funnel means that you can own and control that journey at every step.

The second is that, when viewed this way, it becomes obvious that all of your marketing and sales efforts are intrinsically linked. 

If your strategy isn’t working, you need to identify where the blockage is located within your funnel. This helps you to take a considered, data-led and therefore effective approach to your marketing, rather than being reactionary. A reactionary approach often means wasting time, money and headspace on something that’s simply not needed and won’t work.

Our packages encompass every aspect of your sales funnel, and provide ongoing support and analysis to ensure your funnel is always working effectively. It’s the reason that, unlike many other agencies, we can guarantee our results.

Packages that deliver at every stage of your funnel, and every stage of your growth


For smaller brands with big ambitions
  • Grow your social channels by a minimum of 2000 followers*
  • Significantly increase your website traffic*
  • Grow your email list by a minimum of 500 subscribers
  • Guaranteed minimum 25% ROI over 12 months
£875 /month**


For established brands ready to grow
  • Grow your social channels by a minimum of 5000 followers*
  • Increase your current website traffic by a minimum of 50%*
  • Grow your email list by a minimum of 1000 subscribers
  • Guaranteed minimum 50% ROI over 12 months
£1750 /month**


For impatient brands hungry for fast growth
  • Grow your social channels by a minimum of 10,000 followers*
  • Double your current website traffic*
  • Grow your email list by a minimum of 3000 subscribers
  • Guarenteed minimum 100% ROI over 12 months
£2625 /month**

*EXAMPLE KPI'S OVER Over 12 months. Requires a Hubspot subscription


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Our Promise

Reports that
mean something

Jargon-free reports that you can actually understand. We’re not about statistics for the sake of it – we’re about analysis and results.


A complete lowdown of what’s been actioned that week, the outcomes and the next steps. Weekly updates are the key to keeping up momentum & ensuring you’re in the loop.

Always here
For you

Got an idea? Want to take advantage of a new opportunity? We’re always here for you to talk through your options and give expert advice about next steps.

You're not
a number

We’re a boutique agency. That means we deliver high-quality, specialist work for a very limited number of clients. Our clients are the sole focus of our business.

We aim to become a core part of your team. Your success is how we judge our success.

Combining six key areas,
resulting in Fast Net Growth for your brand

Delivered by a close-knit team you'll love working with


No, we only require a month's notice should you choose to leave us. However, we do require you to be with us for 12 months in order to qualify for our ROI guarantee. 

Yes. Whilst we work to a proven formula, we develop a unique strategy for each of our clients, totally tailored to their needs. We'll constantly review this strategy, and will amend where needed to ensure we stay on track to meet your agreed KPIs and business goals.


This is why it's so important to us to get to know you & your business before you come onboard as a client.

In addition to our monthly fee, you will also need to factor in advertising spend and your Hubspot subscription.


These costs will vary according to your needs and goals. However, we will provide recommended budgets for both as part of our full proposal.

It's very important to us that we ensure we are a good fit for you and your business.


Therefore, in the first instance, we ask you to join us on a free Discovery Call, so we can find out a bit more about you, your business and your goals.


If this goes well, we recommend completing a Strategy Session before you commit to our monthly service. This enables us to build our relationship with you, and also provides valuable information which we will use in forming your Sales Funnel.

We know that committing to an agency can be daunting, especially if you're unsure about the results they can bring to the table.


That's why we've created our 12 Month Guarantee.


Basically, as part of our formal proposal we will set some KPIs in regards to your social following, email list growth, website traffic and subsequent sales (please note that we will need access to your sales information in order to use this KPI).


We will then work to achieve those KPIs within 12 months.


If at the end of 12 months we haven't achieved them, then we'll work for free until we do.


That means that you can have the confidence of using The Fastnet Agency to accelerate your growth, without worrying about whether you'll get a return on your investment.

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