Facebook & instagram marketing

Authentic social media campaigns, designed to build a genuine, lasting relationship with your audience. Our campaigns attract more people to the top of your funnel, nurture them until they’re ready to purchase, and then build a long-term relationship that turns customers into loyal brand advocates.

We offer both organic and paid advertising options – combine the two for maximum impact!

Social media Marketing
with a difference

We’ve dedicated the last five years to working out exactly what works on social. From trends and creatives to user psychology and engagement tactics, there is no part of the social media sphere that we haven’t analysed, experimented with and incorporated into our approach.

As the social platforms are evolving all the time, so are we. This proactive, adaptable approach means that we stay ahead of the curve, implementing new features and tactics to bring benefits to our clients before they become mainstream.

Award-winning strategy, unique to your brand

We really do place strategy right at the heart of everything we do, and we’ve spent years refining our methods.

From drilling right down into your customer personas to a thorough competitor analysis and a detailed breakdown of your UVP, we start with getting the basics right. From there, we’re created a unique content creation system, designed to drive growth at ever level. Take a look at our YouTube channel for some insights into our approach.

Scroll-stopping creatives and content, fully managed by the fastnet team

We know that you need great creatives if you’re going to stop the scroll and stand out from the competition. That’s why we use a produce of content types on your behalf, all delivered by our in-house creators. From engaging imagery to UGC-style videos, we are constantly analysing the latest trends and producing visual content that is both authentic and eye-catching.

This is backed up by great captions and comments, fully managed by our in-house copywriters.

Active engagement to stimulate the algorithm, driving up visibility and reducing ad costs

Social media is designed to be a two-way conversation, which is why great content alone is not enough to grow your social media accounts. We actively engage with your community, reaching out to users that fit your customer persona and commenting on posts that we know will be attracting your ideal customer.

All of this is done in an authentic, genuine way that 100% complies with the terms of service of the platform. However, this engagement work is the final peice of the puzzle when it comes to growing your account quickly and sustainably.

Weekly analysis, 24 hour reports and monthly strategic review

Action. Analyse. Optimise.

No matter how good the strategy and approach may be, you can only produce significant results by seeing what’s working and what’s not. We have an online reporting system which allows you (and us) to check your stats at any time, in real time. This helps us to evolve and optimise your account.

In addition to this, we send weekly updated and hold monthly strategic reviews, to ensure we’re always up to date and delivering the best service for your brand.

We offer both paid and organic Facebook and instagram marketing. Combine the two for maximum impact and results.

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