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We specialise in the marine, outdoor & lifestyle sectors for one very good reason – it’s where our passion and our expertise lie. When we’re not busy working for our clients at the Fastnet Studios, we’re out on the water, on the slopes or in the great outdoors, making the most of what this wonderful world has to offer.

But we all know that these are technical sectors, with specialist requirement. They speak their own language, and have very specific requirements.

That’s why we’ve developed an agency focussed on marketing to our strengths – turning our hobbies and passions into a comprehensive service that elevates the brands we work with.

An in-depth view of our
specialist sectors


Specialist marketing support for businesses, brands and organisations in the marine sector


Specialist digital marketing expertise specifically tailored for the outdoor sectors


Digital Marketing & Social Media for environmentally & ethically focused, adventurous lifestyle brands

Combining six key areas,
resulting in Fast Net Growth for your brand

Sales Funnel packages
To Grow Your Brand


For smaller brands with big ambitions
  • Grow your social channels by a minimum of 2000 followers*
  • Significantly increase your website traffic*
  • Grow your email list by a minimum of 500 subscribers
  • Guaranteed minimum 25% ROI over 12 months
£875 /month


For established brands ready to grow
  • Grow your social channels by a minimum of 5000 followers*
  • Increase your current website traffic by a minimum of 50%*
  • Grow your email list by a minimum of 1000 subscribers
  • Guaranteed minimum 50% ROI over 12 months
£1750 /month


For impatient brands hungry for fast growth
  • Grow your social channels by a minimum of 10,000 followers*
  • Double your current website traffic*
  • Grow your email list by a minimum of 3000 subscribers
  • Guarenteed minimum 100% ROI over 12 months
£2625 /month

*Over 12 months. Requires a Hubspot subscription

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