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"They haven't signed up to receive emails. They've signed up to actively engage with your brand."


Now more than ever, people are reluctant to hand over something as valuable as their email address. First you need to create a level of trust that persuades your audience to part with their email in the first place – then you need to further develop that trust by delivering excellent, engaging and relevant content straight to their inbox.

In short, email marketing done right is a gold mine for enhancing your brand and increasing revenue. Done wrong, and it can leave a permanent stain on the integrity of your brand.

Needless to say, we take email marketing very seriously… 

but that doesn’t mean we don’t make it fun!

The 4 email strategies we use to build your brand and boost your revenue

News, updates &
behind the scenes

Abandoned cart & transactional emails

Email sequences
& dripfeeds

Promotions &
special offers

By having an email campaign that utilises all four of these strategies, you can ensure your customers receive relevant and engaging emails that help to build both your brand and your revenue.

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Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to get in front of existing & potential customers. It puts your brand right there in their inbox and, done properly, it allows you to connect with your audience in a highly personal and engaging way.

Email marketing is still a core element of all successful marketing funnels, and if you're not properly utilising it in your business then you're missing out.

We hate spam as much as the next person, so we're very careful to ensure our client's emails are very different to 'spam'.


Firstly, we will help you to ensure your mailing list if GDPR Compliant, so you're only emailing people that want to receive your updates.


Secondly, we ensure that the content is useful and informative - not a sales pitch. Our aim is to make your emails the sort of content that people actually look forward to reading. Email should be just as much about building your brand as about direct sales.

We have 4 core types of emails within our Email Marketing toolbox.

The first are news, updates and behind-the-scenes emails. These are used to build trust, promote your brand and engage with your audience. They are not designed to be sales-y. We send this type of email to everyone on your email list on a regular basis - normally once a week or once a month.

The second is abandoned cart and transactional emails. This is normally a pre-written sequence of emails that are triggered when certain actions are taken on your website. For example, a user might put something in their cart and not check out, or they might watch a webinar but not sign up to the next stage. We can schedule several emails to be sent at regular intervals to keep your potential customer warm, and to help to build trust & a knowledge of your offering.

The third type is email sequences and dripfeeds. This is normally in the build up to a big event, product launch or some other exciting news. We drip feed content over a number of days or weeks to build excitement and interest.

The final type is promotions & special offers. These are very sales orientated emails, designed to convert your audience into paying customers.

Used together as part of an established sales funnel, email marketing can help to transform your sales and grow your brand.

No, the only stand-alone services we offer are Strategy Sessions and Hubspot Onboarding & Training.


All our other services are offered as part of our Sales Funnel Packages.


We do this because we strongly believe that no one element will make a significant difference to your marketing. They have to be used in conjunction with a fully functional sales funnel in order to guarantee results. That's why, unlike other agencies, we guarantee a return on investment within 12 months.



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