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"If you think you're too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito"


Facebook has empowered businesses like never before. In the past, to reach hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands of people, you’d need a huge marketing budget and the support of major tv channels, radio or printed publications. Even then, it was hard to track what activity was actually delivering a return on investment.

These days, you can reach a highly targeted audience that want to actively engage with you and your products. You can carefully track what’s working and what isn’t, and optimise your marketing to get the best possible return on investment. How?

Through Facebook marketing.

1.65 Billion users spend an average of 20 minutes on Facebook each day.

Reach them with social media marketing.

We help you to engage with those users through great organic content,
designed to stop the scroll and gain maximum attention.

Social Content




The Fastnet Agency don’t do generic, ‘copy-and-paste’ social media management. We’re all about growth, and social media growth comes from excellent content, delivered consistently. Do specialise in innovative Social Media Management to grow your brand on both Facebook and Instagram.

We produce content that will grow your brand and enable you to reach your goals. It’s content that you and your brand will be proud to own, and your customers will look forward to engaging with.

Use Facebook Advertising to turn likes and engagement into direct sales

We run clever, highly targeted Facebook ad campaigns that compliment your organic growth and deliver maximum return on investment.

Target a new audience & build brand awarenss

Target existing website visitors or social followers to push sales

Use ads to target abandoned carts, or other specific actions

We take our Facebook advertising strategy as seriously as we take our content strategy. Every advert is custom designed & written with your audience in mind, and specifically targeted to deliver maximum returns.

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No, the only stand-alone services we offer are Strategy Sessions and Hubspot Onboarding & Training.


All our other services are offered as part of our Sales Funnel Packages.


We do this because we strongly believe that no one element will make a significant difference to your marketing. They have to be used in conjunction with a fully functional sales funnel in order to guarantee results. That's why, unlike other agencies, we guarantee a return on investment within 12 months.


Let's just start with the numbers. In 2020 there are 2.7 billion active users on Facebook each month - your business will only get a slice of all those potential customers if you're there.


Still not sure? You can bet your competitors have already spotted this opportunity and are reaching out to talk to potential customers as you read this.


For many people, of all ages, Facebook is the default, go-to social platform. In many instances users will search Facebook for businesses, products and services before using Google.


Plus, the potential ROI with a well-organised paid advertising campaign on Facebook is impressive.


Bottom line, if you're not on Facebook, your business is going to miss out on customers and revenue.

The answer here depends on what you want to achieve for your business, and where you see your time best spent.


If you've got big plans for growth, are keen to build a community of engaged, loyal brand ambassadors, you're going to want to hand the reins over to a specialist team.


This is beneficial in two key ways:

1) You can get back to what you do best; being the driving force behind your business, focusing on products, services, sales and your team.

2) We've got a wealth of experience, specialist tools, clever analysis platforms and creatives who translate the latest tricks and techniques into clever content for your brand. It's like having a whole marketing department at your disposal.


When it comes to your business Facebook page, if you want it to be a professional feed that intuitively communicates all that you are and all that you do, while driving sales, building your audience and creating a real return on your investment, you're going to want to get the right people involved.

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