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"Rowing harder does not help if the boat is heading in the wrong direction"


One of the best long-term investments you can make when it comes to your digital marketing is to work out a great strategy from the start.

So much time, money and effort can be wasted if this important step is overlooked. By developing a winning strategy at the beginning of your marketing campaign, you can ensure your brand grows predictably and sustainably.

4 Pillars of a great digital Marketing strategy

Define your niche

Know your customer

Narrow your targeting

Nail your messaging

We work with you during a Strategy Session to ensure all four pillars are clearly defined and you have a clear plan of action moving forwards.



Check out our You Tube Video all about defining your niche, knowing your customer and narrowing your targeting. We cover all of these points in detail as part of your Strategy Day.


Our Strategy Sessions normally run from 9am to 1pm, followed by an informal lunch where you can ask any further questions you may have and cement your knowledge.


During the session we will help you to master our 4 pillars for a great digital strategy - defining your niche, getting to know your customer, narrowing your targeting and nailing your message. Once these 4 elements are in place, they will be used to form a clear timeline of actions and tasks moving forward.


Warning - these sessions are quite intense, but they are also highly motivational. Having developed digital strategies with our clients for over 10 years, we are able to ensure that your Digital Strategy Session is both productive and insightful, leaving you with the feeling that anything is possible!

Clarity. And a defined plan of action.


If you feel like you're a bit lost with your digital marketing, you don't know where to start, or you just simply think there's room for improvement, this is the right option for you.

Our Strategy Session is a one-off cost of £450 + vat.

This includes research by our team prior to the day, lunch (if you choose to run your session at Fastnet House) and a follow-up report summarising your strategy and the next steps required. 

No, this is a one-off service, and you are under no obligation to use Fastnet to fulfil your strategy moving forwards.


However, we do recommend all new clients complete a strategy session before embarking on a longer-term service with us, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it gives you an insight as to how we work as an agency, which will help you to decide if we'd be a good fit. It's important for us that we form a close relationship with our clients, so we consider a Strategy Session to be like a 'first date' before we embark on a longer, more serious relationship.


Secondly, our team will use all of the information gathered as part of the session to form your Sales Funnel and ongoing content moving forwards, and we will also use the session to define your 12 months goals and the subsequent KPIs our team work to on a monthly basis. Therefore a Strategy Session will become an essential part of your marketing plan moving forwards.

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