TikTok marketing

With over 1 billion monthly active users, and with some of the highest engagement rates in the social sphere, mastering TikTok is currently the smartest move a brand can make.

We’re here to help you create engaging, unique, human-led content which feels completely native to the TikTok platform. We can help to identify your community on TikTok to drive up engagement, build new audiences and boost sales.


Why TikTok
could work for your business

Tiktok started as the platform for Gen Z, appealing on scale to young people looking for a different form of expression online.

However, in the last quarter of 2021 we started to notice TikTok becoming much more mainstream. Now, with over 1 billion monthly active users, by February 2022 TikTok has become the most popular download app globally.

However, in terms of attracting businesses, the platform is still in it’s infancy. Therefore organic reach is extremely high, and advertising rates are very competitive. It’s currently the perfect growth platform for forward-thinking, ambitious e-commerce brands.

Engaging video content puts your brand front and centre

TikTok gives brands the opportunity to Humanise…

We understand the power of video for your brand. One of it’s biggest advantages is it’s ability to add relatability and authenticity to a brand.

For e-commerce businesses, where face to face interaction with your customers is rare, this creates a fantastic opportunity to give your brand personality and to humanise your marketing. This helps to expand your audience and create strong customer loyalty, which in turn increases sales and the lifetime value of your customers.

A network of creators to ensure a constant stream of authentic video content for your brand

Whether you’re focused on ads or organic growth, to be successful on TikTok, you need to consistently be developing new and dynamic videos in order to maximise your impact and reach.

These creatives need to be relevant to your brand, and should also take into account trending audio, hashtags and content types.

The sheer scale of the demand for video content makes marketing on TikTok an overwhelming prospect for many brands, but that’s where we can help. Using an in-house team of content creators, alongside a wider network of associated creators vetted by our team, we can produce excellent video content en-mass.

We also fully manage your account, so we can optimise your videos to reflect what’s working for your audience.

We offer both paid and organic Facebook and instagram marketing. Combine the two for maximum impact and results.


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Organic TikTok

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