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Strategy is the key element that transforms our clients into 7-8 figure brands.

Most eCommerce brands struggle because they don’t have a comprehensive strategy in place.

This makes decision-making stressful and difficult, and growth almost impossible, because every action is working independently and not as part of a functional system.

Consequently, strategy is where everything starts at The Fastnet Agency. We produce a unique, comprehensive strategy to push you ahead of the competition and then work relentlessly on the execution, refining and adapting as needed.

How it works

The basic structure of your strategy works on the principle of a ‘marketing flywheel’. A flywheel works on momentum. The more you can increase force and decrease resistance, the quicker the flywheel turns.

We use this principle to build your customer base over time. We attract the right audience by understanding your target customer, and by using powerful messaging and creatives that will relate to their needs.

By using a consistent and well thought-out process to nurture and convert those customers we ensure happy customers.

Happy customers, in turn,  mean more reviews, more recommendations and more repeat business. And so the flywheel spins faster.

Using this analogy also allows us to identify problems. What is stopping the wheel from turning, or is slowing it down?

There will be different points of resistance at different stages of your growth, so we will help you to identify, analyse and overcome potential problems to ensure a smooth and steady trajectory of progress.


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What we analyse

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Data Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Messaging & Creative

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