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The Problem

“Most ambitious eCommerce brands get stuck at some stage in their journey.

They know they need to be nurturing their organic social media, but audience growth has plateaued and engagement’s at an all-time low.

They know they need to be scaling ad spend, but that requires a constant supply of high-performing creatives and a media buyer that actually knows how to generate ROAS.

They know they need to be maximising their email marketing efforts, but the emails they send just don’t get read.

Any or all of these issues will put the breaks on your brand’s growth. And one of the hardest things for any entrepreneur is to watch your brand stagnate or – worse – decline.”

– Sarah Leverton, Founder of The Fastnet Agency

Our Team

Sarah Managing Director
Vashti Operations Director
Team Member (5)
Milly Lead Creative
Team Member (4)
Deanne Content Coordinator
Conor Email Marketing Strategist
Demi Email Marketing Strategist
Callie Media Buyer
Team Member (1)
Heather Media Buyer
Team Member (2)
Darren eCommerce Developer
Team Member (7)
Jack Content Producer


We’re always looking for talented people to join our team. 🙌

If you’re looking for a new job opportunity in content creation, online advertising or email marketing, please get in touch.

Left brain, right brain

Our team is split between creative output and performance delivery. This allows our creative team to capture attention and our media buying and performance monitoring teams to feedback results, which in turn drives better creatives. It’s a match made in heaven.

Where we add value

We relentlessly drive performance through our five core specialisms …
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