Behind the scenes at the Aquapac photoshoot


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We’re always thinking about potential photoshoot opportunities here at the Fastnet Agency. Last week the glorious sunshine came out and the wind was spot on, so we jumped at the chance to get onto the beach for an Aquapac shoot. I’m a keen paddleboarder, so any chance to get out on the board is welcomed! 

Myself and Milly, one of our creatives, set off mid-afternoon, just in time for high tide on one of our favourite beach locations, Maenporth. We were well equipped with plenty of props for Aquapac – wetsuit, dryrobe, paddleboard and of course all the fab Aquapac waterproof cases and bags! We always like to incorporate getting a mixture of photo and video whilst out on shoot, as this means we get the maximum amount of content for our clients which we can later adapt for Reels and Tiktok. 

From the moment we arrive on location we’re following our planning storyboard, in order to show the brand and products on the same journey a customer would be on. On this shoot for example this included getting ready to head out for a paddle, taking the board down to the water’s edge and safely securing your Aquapac accessories with your belongings protected. 

Capturing each moment and what it’s like to really use the product is very important. With something like an Aquapac waterproof case we want to demonstrate all the key features so customers can understand exactly how the product works and why it’s such a great option for their next adventure. We’ll take lots of different shots, including close-ups at each stage of using the products in both landscape and portrait so we can create engaging, informative content when we’re back in the studio.

Capturing action shots is also really important for this brand, both Milly and I headed onto the water on our SUPs. I was carrying my Aquapac accessories whilst paddleboarding and Milly was getting shots and video content of our time on the water. It can be tricky at times, a bit of a balancing act when using equipment in these conditions – but always great fun!

Even when we’re finished on the water, we’re still thinking about capturing content. Carrying your board up the beach, taking off your ankle leash and getting your wetsuit off at your car – all scenarios a potential customer could relate to, so they can get a clear idea of how an Aquapac would suit them and their water activities. Once we think we’ve got enough content from the shoot we will double check all the shots, to make sure we’ve fully covered our brief. Then it’s back to the studio for lots of editing! 

Production days are great fun – we book in regular shoots for all our clients, but we’ll also grab the chance for an impromptu session when the weather and conditions are right! There always has to be an element of being flexible and ready to head down to a location if need be – we’re so lucky to be less than 10 minutes from the beach so we’re always ready to head out and capture photos and videos.

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