176% increase in revenue in first two months

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have become household names and they wanted their sportswear brand, Aytee7, to become just as successful.

We became their marketing partners, with a promise to double their revenue within 90 days. In fact, we achieved this after just two months. Now we’re working with the brand long-term to help them to reach their ambitious growth targets and make Aytee7 as well-known as it’s celebrity founders.

The Challenge...

Aytee7 is the brainchild of celebrity fitness guru Mark Wright and actress Michelle Keegan. They had previously launched the brand with another agency, but were struggling to grow profitably despite their personal reach and strong fanbase.

We immediately realised that the brand needed a clear marketing structure, with a strategy to increase customer acquisition, average order value and customer frequency.

We set to work, designing new digital advertising campaigns, optimising the website for conversions and establishing a comprehensive email marketing plan, using both flows and campaigns to drive sales.

Within 60 days we had already smashed our 90 day targets. We’re now working with the brand on a long-term basis to scale ad spend and take their growth to the next level.

Summary of results...

“When we took over, Aytee 7 had an extremely low conversion rate, which we attributed to low-quality traffic driven by the founder’s celebrity status rather than through interested potential buyers. We optimised their ad campaigns to focus on driving quality traffic, and also worked with the brand to improve average order value. This resulted in a 176% increase in sales over the first 60 days of working with them, and a strong working relationship moving forwards.”

– Sarah Leverton, Founder of The Fastnet Agency


These are results taken directly from the client’s Shopify account and show the increases made over a two month period. We blur any sales figures, as this is confidential to our client.

Examples of Creative Output...

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