Beginners guide to Instagram Business Accounts

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A good way to further understand your audience and drive traffic to your ecommerce site is to switch to an Instagram Business profile. Here we discuss what an Instagram Business profile is and why it’ll help you get the most out of your Instagram marketing strategy. 

What is an Instagram Business Profile?

A business profile on Instagram gives you more capabilities than all other types of accounts and it’s designed with companies and brands in mind. If you make the switch, you’ll get access to robust tools and features, like detailed analytics and insights, so you can really understand how to reach the right people. 

Instagram Business and Creator profiles seem similar, but they are actually geared toward a slightly different user. If you’re a public figure, creator, artist or influencer, a Creator account will work best for you, whereas Business accounts are good for brands, organisations and service providers. While audio for Reels may be limited for Instagram Business accounts, there are lots of other features to gain.

What are the benefits of having a Business Profile on Instagram?

Having an Instagram Business account can help take your engagement and growth to the next level. You can learn about your followers through insights, and work out what posts are working best and getting the most interaction. How your content is performing is an essential part of any marketing strategy; an Instagram Business account gives you detailed insights and analytics about your audience, from demographics to letting you know the most active times. You can view more in-depth analytics that will make it easy to identify opportunities for growth.

Spreading the word about your brand and who you are and what you do is as easy as a few clicks with your Instagram Business profile – you can create specific in-app social ads or you can simply click on an organic post and select to promote it. You can also run ad campaigns as well as being able to access Instagram Shop features. An Instagram shop lets you upload a product catalogue, tag products in your posts and access shop insights all in one place. By clicking on a tagged product, users can see price information, suggested products and a button takes them straight to the point of purchase. 

How to switch to a Business Profile on Instagram

Making the switch to an Instagram Business account is easy, follow these simple steps to maximise the benefits:-

  • Head to your Instagram profile and tap the hamburger icon (≡) in the top right corner.
  • Tap settings and then navigate to ‘account’ and scroll down to where it says ‘switch to professional account’.
  • Tap ‘continue’ and follow the prompts.
  • Select the category that best describes your brand or business and choose whether you want to display the label on your profile.
  • Tap ‘done’ and you’ll be prompted to answer ‘creator’ or ‘business’, tap ‘business’ and ‘next’.
  • Check your contact information and tap the toggle labelled ‘display contact info’ so it appears on your account, then hit ‘next’!
  • You’ll then be prompted to set up your accounts centre, where you can connect to your Facebook Page or another account, create a new one or tap ‘not now’.
  • You will then be prompted to ‘set up your professional account’, this is where you can explore your new features and tools.
  • Finally choose ‘complete your profile’ and then you officially have an Instagram Business profile.


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