How can podcasts benefit your business?

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Podcasts have seen a huge boom over recent years, with over 18 million episodes listed on iTunes in 2018. What was once a field dominated by big business and celebrities has seen a big change as people seek out new content, with many smaller companies recognising how useful a podcast can be for sharing news, information and updates with listeners. Is it time your business got involved?

Simply put, podcasts are an on-demand radio show. A media file is published online which can be streamed and listened to live, or downloaded for a later date. Many people now use podcasts as a regular part of their lives, to stay up to date, learn something new or as entertainment when walking the dog, doing the housework or during time at the gym.

Creating interesting, engaging podcasts as part of your content marketing strategy can have clear benefits for reaching new customers and clients, boosting your reputation as a thought leader in your sector, and increasing brand loyalty.

By offering informative, relevant audio content, podcasts offer brands a fresh way to connect with their audience and position themselves as the go-to authority in the field.

We advise using them alongside social media, blogs and video as part of a comprehensive, effective inbound marketing plan.

Take a look over some of benefits of creating a podcast, and some important things to consider before you start…


  • It’s straightforward and simple to start. Creating your own podcast just requires a high quality microphone, some audio editing software and topics to speak about. It can also be far quicker than writing or recording video content, encouraging you to produce content more regularly and allowing you to react quickly to industry news or trends.
  • It sets you apart from competitors. Whilst podcasting has seen a huge popularity surge during the past few years, it is still very much underused in the marine sector. Within the industry, there is very little competition as marine brands are yet to catch up with automotive and luxury lifestyle industries when it comes to a rounded marketing plan. Choosing to host one will immediately stand you apart from similar businesses and position you as the authority in your field.
  • Develop brand loyalty. By providing useful, valuable, engaging content, customers see your company as being more reputable, helpful and an authoritative voice on the subject, leading to brand loyalty. It also offers a chance for a company to create a more personal feel and really connect with the audience.
  • Grow your database. By requiring listeners to enter an email address before downloading, and including the option to opt in for further marketing communications, podcasts can serve as an incredibly useful data capture tool.
  • Increase reach and grow audience. By publishing on iTunes for example, you can offer your content to millions of potential listeners. New listeners tend to find your podcast after searching for information on a particular topic, and is a great way of placing your brand in front of potential customers.


Things to Consider

  • Many of the more successful podcasts last an hour or more. This can mean production is time consuming and resource heavy.
  • Hitting the right ‘tone’ can be difficult. Often people try to put on a ‘radio voice’. Authenticity and personality is key with podcasts, so speak naturally and in a conversational tone.
  • Have realistic expectations. Building loyalty through quality content takes time and commitment. As you build an audience you can identify which podcasts receive a better reaction and this information can guide your content in the future.


So could podcasts benefit your business?

Used as part of a long-term content marketing plan, podcasts help draw people to your brand and encourage them to choose your business over the competition. Podcasts could help your company become the authoritative voice of your sector and build your reputation, ultimately promoting brand loyalty, building your customer base and boosting conversions.

Give us a call on 01326 250879 if you’d like to find out more about podcasts and how they could work for your business.

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