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Whatever industry you’re in, the day to day demands of running your business mean that you’re often dashing from one important task to the next, with very little time to stop and consider the bigger picture. If you’re struggling to get a grip on where you’re heading, what steps to take to boost engagement and conversions and how to really drive your business forward, we have the solution.


As part of our marketing support services, we provide incredibly valuable Strategy Days here at Fastnet HQ. These are tailor-made days to help companies form a clear, individual content strategy for their business. The day is designed with you, the client, in mind, and includes identifying the target audience, outlining goals for the business as a whole and recognising key areas for improvement.


The Strategy Day is a great opportunity for new clients to experience working with the Fastnet team, and at the end of your detailed strategy session, you have the chance to either take away all the information and use it independently, or continue working with Fastnet by coming onboard as a full client, which could involve branding work, website design and build or one of our monthly content packages.


What’s great is that when you have already spent a day with us, going through all the points which need actioning in order to provide a clear, concise content strategy, our working relationship has already begun. We can therefore get the next steps you choose underway more quickly and begin making real improvements to your audience engagement and bottom line.


So, what does it involve?


Prior to the Strategy Day we send over a list of questions to answer, which helps you and your team prepare for the day and helps to ensure you get the maximum value from your time with us.


On the day itself, we provide you with individual folders to be completed during the course of our discussions, allowing you to take your own notes for action and review.

Teas, coffees and lunch are all provided as part of the session, and are brought into the meeting, so you don’t have to worry about losing momentum or interrupting important thought processes.


The four key areas we cover during the Strategy Day are:


  1. Assess (i.e. taking stock of how the business is doing at the moment, key activities etc.)
  2. Profile (i.e. looking into how the clients of the business engage with the company)
  3. Position (i.e. checking out the competitors and stakeholders of the business, market issues and key trends in the business sector)
  4. Set Goals (i.e. discuss and create steps to success)


Within seven days of your Strategy Day we provide you with a detailed summary report, based on the discussions of these key areas.


We’ve received some wonderful feedback from those who have booked a Fastnet Strategy Day. Following a recent session, one of our clients told us that…


“We all found the day to be quite tiring but it always is when you put so much energy into something for so long. I’m really glad that it worked like that though because I felt we hit on a lot of good points and it all flowed on really well.


I think bringing lunch up was perfect – I think if we’d left the room we would have lost momentum and lost ideas and come back not really in the same frame of mind, the space was good and really creative too which worked well. The content worked well, I’m glad we had the chance to think and prepare before hand – I felt that we got far more value of the time with us doing that so that worked well.


I can’t say I have any negatives. I’m really pleased we chose you to work with and I’m looking forward to the next steps 🙂 “


If you are interested in arranging a Strategy Day for your business, we’d love to hear from you! Simply call us on 01326 250879 or email

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