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Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools in online marketing, and it is growing in popularity day by day. A brilliant tool for boosting your online campaigns, it allows users to get to grips with a product or service much faster than reading through written content.


In addition, videos can be an effective way to connect to the emotions, which makes the content more memorable and often encourages the user to share it with their followers, increasing the reach and conversations around your business and subject.


Video content has been shown to be the most memorable (43%) in comparison to text (18%) and images (36%).


With products and services designed to assist those on or around the water, marine businesses are well placed to generate eye-catching, engaging video content. For example, live video streaming is incredibly popular on social media, and it could be a great way to involve followers in an event or to showcase a new product or service.


Another fascinating format is the 360-degree video, which helps the user feel transported to another world by being able to see in all directions. This immersive experience trend is due to become even more popular over the course of this year, with the growing use of virtual reality headsets.


The 360-degree video would work well to showcase, for instance, the interior of a yacht, as the viewer would be able to have an almost first-hand experience of being down below. Google Cardboard is just one of the methods available at the moment to experience VR simply by using your mobile phone.


Short-lived or live videos are more suitable for social media as users don’t tend to spend very long on each post. In fact, one fifth of all viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds or less, whereas longer videos are more suited to platforms such as YouTube. It’s important to keep your branding in mind for instant recognition on videos and to show your viewers, instead of tell, what your message is all about. It’s wise to keep your videos short, simple and to the point, as these tend to be more effective and are more memorable in the long-term.


Videos are an extremely powerful way of communicating, as you can engage and entertain your audience with stunning visuals, clever storytelling and the perfect soundtrack.


Keen to find out how you could utilise video marketing for your business? Fastnet Marketing can work with you to build an individual video marketing strategy that will reach the right audience and drive traffic to your website.

We can offer support in all areas of recording equipment, visuals, storyboarding and promotion, so why not get in touch to find out more about using video marketing to really stand out from the competition?

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