TikTok Advertising

Marketing your brand on TikTok in 2022 is a must. With over a billion active monthly users and a growing demographic, TikTok is no longer just for kids.

With the average user spending in excess of 850 minutes per month on the app, advertising on the platform offers you the ability to get your business in front of millions, whilst showcasing your brand in a human, personal and fun way.


Data provided by Hootsuite / We Are Social

Tap into an fast growing audience

NEWSFLASH: TikTok is no longer just for kids

With a growing demographic of users aged 25+, TikTok presents a fantastic opportunity to tap into a potential new audience.

As the platform is relatively new, advertising prices are still relatively low (think Facebook ads in the early days) which means that brands who have been struggling on other platforms are seeing significantly increased ROAS through TikTok ads.

Working with influencers and creators to produce truly native content

We’ve found that the best performing TikTok ads feel like organic content. This means that users stop the scroll and engage with your content.

Our in-house team and network of content creators produce a range of native style, authentic content. From unboxing and user reviews to behind-the-scenes and humorous narratives, we’re constantly reviewing the latest trends to produce content that converts.

One significant difference we’ve found compared to Facebook advertising is how quickly ads fatigue. We’ve found that, for the best results, ad creatives need to be changed out weekly. We incorporate this into our approach, ensuring we produce enough video content for you each month to allow for weekly updates to your creatives.

Weekly analysis, 24 hour reports and monthly strategic reviews

We take the time to learn what works – and what doesn’t. That’s why we continually test, refine and optimise your campaigns for maximum efficiency and ROAS.

You have access to our live reporting system within your client dashboard, which means you can access live data from your campaigns at any time. In addition to this, we provide weekly email updates and monthly calls to ensure we’re always on track to deliver the best results.

We develop all of your ad creatives and manage your TikTok account on your behalf, for maximum growth


TikTok Ads

£ 1995* per month
  • 4 video ads p/m
  • Ad spend up to £10k
  • Full ad management
  • Reports & monthly reviews


TikTok Ads

£ 2800* per month
  • 8 video ads p/m
  • Ad spend up to £20k
  • Full ad management
  • Reports & monthly reviews


TikTok Ads

£ 3700* per month
  • 12 video ads p/m
  • Ad spend up to £30k
  • Full ad management
  • Reports & monthly reviews
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