organic TikTok Social Media management

Maybe you’re struggling to produce enough content for your TikTok account, or you’re frustrated with a lack of audience growth. Or perhaps you know there are huge opportunities on the TikTok platform, but you’re unsure where to start. Either way, we can help.

Our fully-managed TikTok social media management service takes away the pressure of content creation, posting and engagement, leaving you more time to run your business whilst we focus on growing your TikTok audience.

Unique video content, produced in house and through our network of creators

We understand the power of eye-catching content. We also know that, for maximum engagement, this has to feel native to the platform.

Our in-house team and network of content creators work to produce highly engaging video content that always feels fresh and on-trend. We manage all of this on your behalf, and can provide you with copies of all the video we produce, so you can also utilise it elsewhere. 

Trend-driven creatives that elevate your brand and drive up engagement

We use a dynamic mixture of content styles to ensure your brand reaches and engages with as many people as possible.

From UGC style videos to how-to’s, product demos and behind the scenes, we create dynamic, engaging video content to scale your TikTok audience and grow your brand.

Making social a conversation with cutting edge engagement tactics

Growing your TikTok account isn’t just about posting cool videos – in order to scale your social accounts quickly and effectively you need to do active engagement with your target audience.

We will follow and like videos on accounts that we deem to be relevant to your target audience. We’ll also comment and send DMs where we feel this is appropriate and adds value.

All of our work is carried out manually, by a UK based, in-house team that knows and understands your brand. Everything we do complies with TikTok’s terms of use and is designed to maximise genuine, organic growth of your account.

A workflow that's flexible yet consistent

We manage a 12 month calendar for each account, so we’re aware of your upcoming milestones, important holidays or promotions. 

We then plan this into a monthly content calendar, which we publish in advance of the month in question so you can review our planned content and provide feedback where needed. We then schedule this for you, and undertake active daily engagement on your account.

This approach gives us the consistency needed to grow your social following effectively – but still allows for flexibility, as we still have the ability to swap out planned content for last-minute updates as and when required.

Down-to-earth reporting and monthly strategic reviews

A great strategy alone is not enough to build a strong TikTok account – you also need to listen to your audience and adapt according to what’s working (and what isn’t).

We deliberately start with a broad range of video formats to see what resonates with your audience. As data builds, we start refining our approach according to what resonates.

We provide you with a live reporting system, so you can check up on our progress at any time. We’ll also provide weekly email updates, and will jump on a call with you monthly to discuss progress and mutually agree next steps.

We produce all of your video creatives and post daily for maximum account growth


TikTok Organic

£ 2250 per month
  • 1 video posted p/d
  • Account management
  • Daily Engagement


TikTok Organic

£ 4500 per month
  • 2 videos posted p/d
  • Account Management
  • Daily Engagement


TikTok Organic

£ 6750 per month
  • 3 videos p/d
  • Account Management
  • Daily Engagement

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